Item Information: Brutalizer
Item Brutalizer
Chance on attack to stun for 1.4 seconds. Chance to stun lower for ranged heroes.

This item contains Bashing properties. Items and abilities with Bashing properties contain a shared cooldown time.
Passive Bonuses: +30 Damage
+6 Strength
Attack: 25% chance for Melee Heroes to deal 25 Physical damage to target and stun for 1.4 second.
10% chance for Ranged Heroes.
Value: 3,100 G
Recipe Information: Brutalizer
Item Brutalizer

Item Bolstering Armband Bolstering Armband

450 G

Item Halberd Halberd

1,500 G

Item Brutalizer Brutalizer

1,150 G

Total Cost:

3,100 G

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