Version 2.0.4Edit

- Added a new Hero, Dampeer
- Added a new Alt Avatar for Dampeer in the store: Vacation Dampeer!
- Added a new Alt Avatar for Flint Beastwood in the store: Captain Flint!

- Added new account icons to the Store
- Added more flags upon request to the store
- Added new Icons for the minimap

- Added a new "Terror" overhead icon for When you are feared
- Improved feedback in Matchmaking for leavers

  • This now tells you how many games you need to play to be a non-leaver

- Romanian string table update
- Fixed crash if you used the mousewheel over a playerlist in a chat channel without clicking, and then hit Up
- Fixed a drawSelectedPath crash
- Fixed any attempts to auto-follow into matchmaking games
- Fix to prevent alt avatars from being selected during hero loading
- Fixed Neutrals aggro and added a ZZz effect over their heads when they are asleep

- Added Spellshards as recommended items to some heroes
- Fixed Geometer's Bane to correctly remove the "Attack this hero!" indicator when used

- Fixed Maliken's weird textures with sword mode on
- Fixed Legionnaire's Charge so it doesn't cancel when you use it on someone on the edge of fog
- Fixed Rampage's Charge so it doesn't cancel when you use it on someone on the edge of fog
- Fixed Night Hound's Pounce so it always does the bonus damage
- Fixed up the weird interactions with Pharaoh mummy and other heroes. You could get pushed and pulled from weird angles and this fixes that

  • Also makes the circle around him of mummies slightly more circular

- Fixed Bubbles and Gladiator's abilities with timers so they reset to 0 correctly if you use the ability early
- Fixed Soul Reaper's Judgment, it was hitting siege units before

Version 2.0.3Edit

- Added more Winter/Christmas stuff, including a new courier and three free new Alt Avatars in the store!

- Maliken, Keeper of the Forest, and Deadwood now have alt avatars in the store that cost 0 coins. Merry Christmas!
- Fixed some matchmaking bugs
- Fixed some UI bugs with the minimap and RAP

  • This should fix the FPS issues players have been having

- Added some new icons and country flags that were missing
- Fixed gold report's GPM calculations (this the popup you get when you hover over your gold)
- Fixed Ophelia's targeting with Judgment
- Fixed Nymphora and her ultimate on Grimm's
- Fixed a few spots on Caldavar you could get perma stuck
- Fixed Pollywog's alt shooting lightning from the wrong hand

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