Skill Information: Chaotic Flames (Skill)
Chaotic Flames (Skill) Blacksmith
The Blacksmith is experienced at gambling with fire, increasing the power of his other spells. When casting his other spells, he has a chance to achieve a much more powerful result.
Action: Passive
Damage Type:
Cast Time:
Cost: 0 mana
Level: 6 / 11 / 16
Effect: Fireball:

- When cast, has a {25,40,50}% chance to impact at least twice, {0,20,25}% chance to impact at least three times, {0,0,12.5}% chance to impact four times.
- Decreases cooldown by {3,6,9} seconds.

Flaming Hammer:
- Increases radius by {150,300,450} per level.

- When cast, has a {25,40,50}% chance to cast twice, {0,20,25}% chance to cast three times, {0,0,12.5}% chance to cast four times.
- Reduces cooldown by {5,10,15} seconds.

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