Item Information: Daemonic Breastplate
Item Daemonic Breastplate
Applies a positive armor aura to nearby allied units and structures and a negative armor aura to nearby enemy units and structures.
Passive Bonuses: +10 Armor
+40 Attack Speed

Applies Enemy Aura to visible enemy units and objects in a 900 radius around self.

Ally Aura
+5 Armor
+15 Attack Speed
Radius: 900

Enemy Aura
-5 Armor
Radius: 900
Value: 5,550 G
Recipe Information: Daemonic Breastplate
Item Daemonic Breastplate

Item Ringmail Ringmail

500 G

Item Platemail Platemail

1,400 G

Item Warpcleft Warpcleft

2,100 G

Item Daemonic Breastplate Daemonic Breastplate

1,500 G

Total Cost:

5,550 G

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