Item Information: Grave Locket
Item Grave Locket
On kill or on assist, becomes charged. A charged Grave Locket gains +2 to all stats and reduces 10 seconds from the respawn timer. If the wielder dies, the charge will be removed.

Death timer reduction does not work in Mid Wars.

Passive Bonuses: +4 Strength

+4 Agility

+7 Intelligence

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Value: 735 G
Used in Recipes: [[File:Item_{{{r1name}}}.jpg|32px|{{{r1name}}}|link=:{{{r1name}}}]] [[File:Item_{{{r2name}}}.jpg|32px|{{{r2name}}}|link=:{{{r2name}}}]]
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[[File:Item_{{{r5name}}}.jpg|32px|{{{r5name}}}|link=:{{{r5name}}}]] [[File:Item_{{{r6name}}}.jpg|32px|{{{r6name}}}|link=:{{{r6name}}}]]
Recipe Information: Grave Locket
Item Grave Locket

Amulet of Exile Amulet of Exile

485 G

Grave Locket Recipe Grave Locket Recipe

250 G

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{{{cost3}}} G

[[File:Item_{{{r4name}}}.jpg|32px|{{{r4name}}}|link=:{{{r4name}}}]] [[ {{{r4name}}} ]]

{{{cost4}}} G

[[File:Item_{{{r5name}}}.jpg|32px|{{{r5name}}}|link=:{{{r5name}}}]] [[ {{{r5name}}} ]]

{{{cost5}}} G

Total Cost:

735 G

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