Night Hound
(patch 1.0.2)

Skill Build
1 - Smoke Bomb
2 - Pounce
3 - Pounce
4 - Backstab
5 - Pounce
6 - Invisibility
7 - Pounce
8 - Backstab
9 - Backstab
10 - Backstab
11 - Invisibility
12 - Smoke Bomb
13 - Smoke Bomb
14 - Smoke Bomb
15 - Stats
16 - Invisibility
17 - Stats+

Justification / Modifications:
Pounce for Last Hitting (don't use it to harass). Make sure to pounce-kill all siege engines. Smoke Bomb level 1 is enough for early game ganks/escapes.

Starting Items:
Runes of the Blight, Healing Potion, Logger's Hatchet, 3x Minor Totem

Item Build:
Power Supply >> Iron Shield >> Steam Boots >> Nullfire Blade >> Geometer's Bane >> Wingbow

Nullfire in combination with Geometer's works nicely on Night Hound as they provide a lot of agility and good synergy (Manaburning images).

Roles: Carry, Ganker
Properties: None
Prefered Lane: Short
Difficulty: 2 - Easy
Farming capabilities: 2 - Weak
Item dependancy: 4 - Heavy

- Early Game / Lane Control: 1 - Very Weak (Some harass possible with pounce, but it is better used for last hitting)
- Mid Game / Ganks: 3 - Medium (Smoke Bomb brings a lot to teamfights, but he needs farm as most carries do)
- Late Game / Team Fights: 4 - Strong (Very Strong if not countered by Anti-Invis)

- Nullfire Blade's Purge and Geometer's Bane can both remove debuffs from you. Especially Dust and Swarm (Pestilence' Ult)!
- Cut down Eyes in the Forest with your Logger's Hatchet.
- Periodically check your opponents' gear for Bound Eye, Wards of Revelation or Dust so you don't get caught by surprise.
- Use Purge on your enemies under the Smoke Bomb; this will increase the time they are silenced and trying to run turning their back to you.

- The obvious counter to Night Hound are Invisibility revealing items: Dust, Wards of Revelation and Bound Eye. Dust is the best choice until later in the game when you can safely buy an eye and push.
- He has high physical damage so Armor and especially Barbed Armor will work very good.