The Legion are good guys and the main protagonist faction in Heroes of Newerth. These heroes represent the righteous forces within the lore and are represented as human, druidic and primal creatures. As of patch 2.0.0, the Legion is represented by 36 heroes, listed below:


Andromeda Engineer Magebane Moon Queen Night Hound
Scout Swiftblade Valkyrie Wildsoul Zephyr
Hero empty Hero empty Hero empty Hero empty Hero empty


Blacksmith Bombardier Bubbles Glacius Myrmidon
Nymphora Ophelia Pollywog Priest Pyromancer Tempest
The Chipper Thunderbringer Vindicator Witch Slayer Hero empty


Armadon Behemoth Hammerstorm Jereziah Keeper of the Forest
Legionnaire Pandamonium Pebbles Predator Rampage
The Gladiator Tundra Hero empty Hero empty Hero empty

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