Skill Information: Marksman Shot (Skill)
Marksman Shot (Skill) Scout
The Scout uses his crossbow to perform a devastating ranged attack on a single unit, damaging and slowing it.
Action: Target Entity
Type: Nonboss Visible Enemy Units
Damage Type: Superior Magic
Range: 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500
Radius: 325
Cast Time: 0.3 Channeling Time
Cost: 125 / 175 / 250 mana
Cooldown: 50.0 / 40.0 / 30.0 Seconds
Level: 6 / 11 / 16
Activation: After channel time, fires projectile at target that deals 250 plus 10 / 20 / 30% of target's maximum health in Magic damage. Applies Wounded to target unit for 4 seconds.

Vision must be maintained on the target during channel time, or the cast is cancelled.

Effect: Wounded Effects

20 / 30 / 40% Movement Slow

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