Item Information: Monkey Courier
Item Monkey Courier
When activated, spawns a Monkey Courier under your control.
Activation: Self Position
Range: 0
Cast Time: 0 seconds
Mana Cost: 0 mana
Cooldown: 0 seconds
Spawns a Monkey Courier under your control that can carry items.

Monkey Couriers have 45 Health, 300 move speed, 350 sight range, Magic and Splash Immunity, and an unlimited life time. If a Monkey Courier is holding the Winged Courier recipe, it can transform into a Winged Courier using its first ability.

If you have a courier near a shop and purchase items, the items will be given to the courier. If the courier dies while holding items, it will drop those items.
Value: 200 G
Used in Recipes: Item Winged Courier

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