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Item Information: Nome's Wisdom
Item Nome's Wisdom
Passive Bonuses: +14 Intelligence

+4 Strength
+4 Agility
+6 Damage

Nome's Wisdom
Radius: 800
Ally Units
+1 Mana Regeneration
+3 Armor

Heroes are healed for 25% of the manacost of abilities or items cast. Toggle abilities only count the initial cost. If the healing exceeds your max health, a shield of equal value is applied for 5 seconds.

Value: 2,240 G
Recipe Information: Nome's Wisdom
Item Nome's Wisdom

Item Major Totem Major Totem

540 G

Item Neophyte's Book Neophyte's Book

1,000 G

Item Ring of the Teacher Ring of the Teacher

500 G

Item Nome's Wisdom Nome's Wisdom

200 G

Total Cost:

2,240 G

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