Item Information: Sacrificial Stone
Item Sacrificial Stone
On use, grants a +3 Armor buff to all nearby allies. On kill or assist, becomes charged.

A charged Sacrificial Stone gains +3 to all stats, reduces 12 seconds from the respawn timer, dying costs 100 less gold, and a Stone drops on death that can still gain you experience. Stone gives large area vision for the first few seconds after death.

Shares cooldown with Plated Greaves and Shield of the Five.

Passive Bonuses: +6 Strength

+6 Agility

+9 Intelligence

+5 Armor

Value: 1,938 G
Recipe Information: Sacrificial Stone
Item Sacrificial Stone

Item Grave Locket Grave Locket

735 G

Item Shield of the Five Shield of the Five

1,750 G

Total Cost:

1,938 G

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