Ultimate skills, known simply as "ults, are skills learned at levels 6, 11, and 16 that are much more powerful then average skills. Ults can be used strategically, combining them with other team mates abilities to maximize damage. Ults are bound by default to the "R" key.

"Ult Stacking" Edit

Ult stacking is a process by which multiple team mates use their AoE ults to kill as many enemy players as possible. For example, Keeper of the Forest opens with his ult, rooting enemies in their place. Magmus and Soul Stealer then portal key in and use their ults, dealing massive damage to all enemies in the area. This is an ideal ult stack oppurtunity, because you have a hero to crowd control (CC) enemies, while your damage dealers do their jobs.

Ultimate Abilities Edit

Ults can have a variety of useful properties, from AoE damage to useful team buffs.

Direct Damage Edit

* Swiftblade (Changes Targets) * Moon Queen (PBAoE) * Magebane (AoE) * Glacius (Slows, PBAoE)
* Pyromancer * Witch Slayer * Thunderbringer (Global) * Pollywog Priest (Summoned Pet)
* Behemoth (AoE) * Legionnaire * Pandamonium * The Chipper (AoE)
* Tundra (Stuns) * The Gladiator (AoE) * Slither (PBAoE, DOT) * Blood Hunter
* Corrupted Disciple (PBAoE) * Forsaken Archer (AoE) * Soul Stealer (PBAoE) * Arachna (Summoned Pet, Slows)
* Voodoo Jester (Summoned Pet) * Hellbringer (Summoned Pet, Stuns) * Torturer (PBAoE) * Defiler (PBAoE)
* Wretched Hag * Succubus (Disables, Life Steal) * Plague Rider (Changes Targets) * Soul Reaper (Stuns)
* Deadwood * Balphagore * Devourer (Disables) * Magmus (PBAoE)
* Gaunlet * Zephyr (AoE, Slows) * Scout (Slows)

Ally BuffsEdit

* Nighthound (Self, Stealth) * Wildsoul (Self, Armor) * Valkyrie (Global, Stealth) * Blacksmith (Self, Multi-hit)
* Pharoh (Self, Teleportation) * Nymphora (Allies, Teleport) * Ophelia (Global, Heal) * Armadon (Self, Multi-buff)
* Jereziah (Allies, HOT, Immunity) * The Madman (Self, Multi-buff) * Hammerstorm (Self, Attack) * Pebbles (Self, Attack)
* Doctor Repulsor (Self, Speed) * Electrician (Self, Speed) * Warbeast (Self, Multi-buff) * Sand Wraith (Self, Teleportation)
* Maliken (Self, Multi-buff) * Accursed (Self, Heal)

Enemy Debuff/DisableEdit

* Andromeda (Position Swap) * Engineer (AoE, Multi-debuff) * Tempest (AoE, Disable) * Vindicator (Global, Silence)
* Bubbles (PBAoE, Root) * Keeper of the Forest (PBAoE, Root) * Predator (Multi-debuff) * Rampage (Disable, Pull)
* Chronos (PBAoE, Disable) * The Dark Lady (Global, Blind) * Demented Shaman (AoE, Armor) * Puppet Master (Increased Damage)
* Kraken (PBAoE, Teleport) * Pestilence (Armor)

Note: AoE = Area of Effect, PBAoE = Point Blank Area of Effect, DOT = Damage Over Time, HOT = Heal Over Time